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Remote Controlled Car

The first assignment is to write psuedocode for a remote control car like the one here.


Here is the functionality of the remote. The left control moves up and down. This is your forward and reverse. The right control moves left and right which controls the direction of the car. There is a power switch and a power indicator light. Batteries must be considered when writing your psuedocode.


  • The left control has 3 positions: top 100% forward motion, middle is stop and bottom is 100% reverse motion.
  • The right controller turns the wheels of the car up to a 45 degree angle in either direction. The middle is 0 degrees, right is 45 and left is -45
  • The controller is initially off
  • The batter has NOT been depleted of it’s energy
  • Left and Right controls start in their middle positions (no motion/stop and going straight)

My answer will be posted in a following post.

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